Thursday, 29 October 2009

Karaoke/Disco night 20th November 2009

Join us again at Bloxwich Royal British Legion, Broad Lane Gardens for another fundraising evening full of laughter. Come have a sing, come have a dance or just come and enjoy.

All the proceeds go straight into the charity helping us work to raise smiles on the faces of disabled children.

November 20th, 7.30pm

Adults £5, children under 13 come free.

There will be raffles and a buffet xxxx

Thursday, 6 August 2009

New webpage, Letter to Livvy

PLease check out the new page, my way of putting into words my journey with my amazing daughter.

Miss you LIvvy.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Livvy's Donkey Party Saturday 6th

Yes its finally here, I'm so nervous. Its Livvy's Party. Our first event for the disabled children the charity is all about.

We have a bouncy castle, we have a circus skills display, stilt walking, balloon modelling and much more. Face painting, a mini kids disco and karaoke. Also one of the best bits is the donkeys themselves. I know that they were always Livvy's favorite bit.

There will be a free buffet with enough food for all (hopefully) and free drinks to.

All you have to do is bring yourselves and the children.

I'm so very excited, this is what the last months hard work was for.

As for Livvy I'm sure she will be with us, watching we all have fun.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

Sara xxx

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Singing for smiles

Its the weekend of songs (well hopefully). Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Saturday (16Th) at The Royal British legion, broad lane gardens, Bloxwich

It will be a great night full of fun as we again try and raise loads of money for Livvy's Smile.

If you haven't got tickets yet you can still join us by paying on the door.

Hope to see you on Saturday xxx

Sunday, 5 April 2009

£866 what an amazing amount !!!!!!!

Well the title says it all. It was an exhausting but an exciting afternoon/evening. It was the first time i had ever been to watch Alan race and all i can say is that i now understand why is car comes home smashed quite often. You wont turn me into a RC car fan, but the racers and their families i love.

The generosity of them overwhelmed me, we had 78 racers in all, a great number. Many thanks to them all. Thanks to Tamworth Racing Club for arranging the use of the room, organising the races and lots more, also to the wonderful women who made numerous cakes, biscuits and cups of teas. The urn was filled many times.

The raffle was a great success to, many thanks to JE Spares,Stafford Models,Mirage,Schumacher,Muchmore and CML. The prizes were amazing.We made a great amount from it.

A big thanks has to go to our good friend Andrew Bird, who has spearheaded this event from the start. I think we can safely say the event success was down to you. Thank you from our heart.

For those of you who went home with trophies(very nice trophies thanks to John White Trophies) enjoy and for those that didn't, maybe next year.

Again all i can say is thank you, the money you raised will go to Livvy's Smile and be used to arrange fun events for disabled children.

I know that Livvy would have loved this event and I'm sure she was laughing at the spills,kills and broken cars with us all.

So until the next time ............................

Wednesday, 1 April 2009



Im so looking forward to this event as its been a while coming. All arranged, fantastic prizes for the raffle. Im also jealous as the trophies are great its a shame i'm not racing myself.

There will be refreshements on sale to keep all you racers in tip top condition.

So all i can say is thanks guys for coming.


Saturday, 21 March 2009

All done !!!!

All done and still smiling, OK I'm proud of my brave husband. Also i want to say a big thank you to Tracy and all at Pure & Beauty, High Street ,Walsall Wood. For doing Alan's chest wax free of charge. This means that all money raised is going to Livvy's Smile. THANK YOU xxxx

I know that so far with the money that has been pledged with have reached the £300 mark, but i still have a lot more (hopefully) to come in. So guys please collect your sponsors in for me. I will update you all on the total as soon as i know it.


The end was in sight !!!!!!

But it wasnt all over !!!!!!!

We have reached the half way point and still plenty of smiles.

He did it ouch , ouch, ouch

The dreaded day came, but being very brave Alan entered the shop smiling, did the smiles last. take a look.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Party time!!!!

May 16Th the date, The Royal British legion in Bloxwich is the venue. The event is a Karaoke /disco/. All that is needed is you guys. Come and laugh, chat, sing if you dare and help us raise money for Livvy's Smile. Tickets are only a £5 all kids under the age of 13 are free. So its a fun family night to.

We will be putting on a buffet and there will be a raffle with some fab prizes, what more could we ask for.

Bring your family, friends, neighbours, people you meet in the street lol, all are welcome.

The room has been generously given to us to use for free, so besides the buffet all funds will go straight to the charity.

Email me , text me, phone me anything and let me know you are going to be joining us.

Hugs to you all.

Like always, thank you so much , Sara xxx

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Its been 4 months

I cant believe its been four months since Livvy George passed away. Time does fly even when you aren't having fun. Each day the pain is there, some days i must admit is worse that others, but it still hurts. I do wonder sometimes, OK alot of times why? I know people die, but why my baby? No one has the answers. Ok we have the medical information but that doesn't explain why she had to catch the virus? Why why why?

This charity is keeping sane, the joy it gives me with the hope that when we raise enough money we can make smiles happen on the face of disabled children. I am overwhelmed by the response and support we have received of many people. My gratitude is endless. Please keep it up.

We have many ideas of fun things to arrange, we think our first event will be a fun day at the donkeys. A open day with food, fun and donkeys of course. I must admit I'm hoping to arrange it around May 5Th for obvious reasons, its a nice way to celebrate Livvy's birthday. I'm hoping it may be a annual event.

So thanks guys, for being their for me and my lot. Your support has meant alot to us.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Calling all racers

Hi Guys, sorry to be a pest, it just seems to happen. I was wondering if you could get your application forms in for me, so we can see who is coming to race. payment on night is still fine, just want some idea's on the line up.

Many thanks xx

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Sponsorship forms

Hi Guys, could you let me know who has managed to get a form and some sponsored. Alan is getting nervous lol, so im getting more excited lol.

Friday, 27 February 2009

venue hire

I didnt realise there were so many places out there to hire. Also trying to find a place which is nice enough and centre enough for friends and family is hard work. Well spoke to a few people and they are getting back to me, so its just a case of wait and see.Any more ideas of venues please let me know.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

The Gallery

Please check on the Gallery on Livvy's website. Its been emotional adding the photos to the site but i wanted to share my beautiful daughter with you all. So through my tears i can remember the laugher and the smiles. The reasons behind the charity. We want to recreate those smiles on the faces of other children. Take a look x

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

A scarey sight

I thought you may want to see the before pictures, maybe you wont but hey. You need to see what will be lost for your sponsor money lol

Monday, 23 February 2009

We would be working but!!!!

Website thanks xx

I just wanted to add a quick thank you to this blog for the work our friend Andy Bird has been doing on the website. I hope you have noticed the last week or so the improved look and running of the site. Andy does all this for us, he puts up with my demands and moans, all for nothing.

So thanks given when thanks due.


Dates for your diary

March 21st, Sponsored Chest wax. Help us gain sponsors to watch Alan suffer under the hands of the beautician as she gives him a chest wax. Alan is either very brave or very stupid as he offered to undertake this to raise funds for Livvy's Smile. In fact he is just a loving father who wishes to do the most possible in his daughter's memory. Sponsors forms are available from the website, or let me know if you need some posted out, i can do that asap.

April 4Th, Livvy's Smile RC Tournament. RC Racers from all over are coming together in Tamworth to race for Livvy's Smile. We have had a great response to this, some fantastic and talented racers are joining us, so the competition should be fierce but fun. We have also thanks to the efforts of Mr Andy Bird, got our hands on some really fantastic raffle prizes, from some top sponsors. I have to admit that my knowledge of this sport is limited, but i am very excited at the prospect of this event as it looks like a lot of fun. If you require any more details check out the website or email me. There are going to be 5 classes racing, so an race for all.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Our logo

Let us Begin!!!

I have decided to start a blog for the charity we have started named Livvy's Smile. For those of you who knew our daughter Livvy the name will have its meaning easily. But for those who don't i would like to tell you a little about our angel.

Olivia Georgia Meredith, came into this world on the 5Th of may 1999. She came in a rush surprising the midwife who had only 10 minutes before told me that i had a long way to go. One lucky catch after we were the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. Weighing 7lbs 70z, born at 7 minutes to 7. Strange i know.

To try and fit Livvy's life into a paragraph would be impossible as well as an injustice. She was an amazing child who suffered alot but always did it will smiles and a happy demeanour.

When Livvy was about 2 years old she begin to change, but it wasn't until she was 4 years old that we knew why. Livvy had a devastating condition called Rett Syndrome. This is an awful syndrome. This condition left Livvy severely disabled, but this was to be only her body as her spirit was as strong as ever.

One thing we learned from Livvy was that everyday mattered, she took everyday and did her best to live it to the full. OK we had some bad days, some very bad days. But we also have some wonderful and amazing memories.

Livvy passed away on the 7Th November 2008, it was one infection to many for Livvy's weakened body. The shock of losing her is still extremely raw, but we know that we have to live our lives to the full just like she showed us. It was because of Livvy's spirit that we knew we had to do something in her memory, something that would remind us of her and her strength.

So here we are, Livvy's Smile has been created, the hope of this charity, is to raise funds to bring smile's to the faces of disabled children. Each day these children have to face so much, just like Livvy did. If by us raising money we can bring some laughter into their lives, we know we would be doing Livvy proud. Help us created some memories.

LETS GO !!!!!!