Saturday, 21 March 2009

All done !!!!

All done and still smiling, OK I'm proud of my brave husband. Also i want to say a big thank you to Tracy and all at Pure & Beauty, High Street ,Walsall Wood. For doing Alan's chest wax free of charge. This means that all money raised is going to Livvy's Smile. THANK YOU xxxx

I know that so far with the money that has been pledged with have reached the £300 mark, but i still have a lot more (hopefully) to come in. So guys please collect your sponsors in for me. I will update you all on the total as soon as i know it.


The end was in sight !!!!!!

But it wasnt all over !!!!!!!

We have reached the half way point and still plenty of smiles.

He did it ouch , ouch, ouch

The dreaded day came, but being very brave Alan entered the shop smiling, did the smiles last. take a look.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Party time!!!!

May 16Th the date, The Royal British legion in Bloxwich is the venue. The event is a Karaoke /disco/. All that is needed is you guys. Come and laugh, chat, sing if you dare and help us raise money for Livvy's Smile. Tickets are only a £5 all kids under the age of 13 are free. So its a fun family night to.

We will be putting on a buffet and there will be a raffle with some fab prizes, what more could we ask for.

Bring your family, friends, neighbours, people you meet in the street lol, all are welcome.

The room has been generously given to us to use for free, so besides the buffet all funds will go straight to the charity.

Email me , text me, phone me anything and let me know you are going to be joining us.

Hugs to you all.

Like always, thank you so much , Sara xxx

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Its been 4 months

I cant believe its been four months since Livvy George passed away. Time does fly even when you aren't having fun. Each day the pain is there, some days i must admit is worse that others, but it still hurts. I do wonder sometimes, OK alot of times why? I know people die, but why my baby? No one has the answers. Ok we have the medical information but that doesn't explain why she had to catch the virus? Why why why?

This charity is keeping sane, the joy it gives me with the hope that when we raise enough money we can make smiles happen on the face of disabled children. I am overwhelmed by the response and support we have received of many people. My gratitude is endless. Please keep it up.

We have many ideas of fun things to arrange, we think our first event will be a fun day at the donkeys. A open day with food, fun and donkeys of course. I must admit I'm hoping to arrange it around May 5Th for obvious reasons, its a nice way to celebrate Livvy's birthday. I'm hoping it may be a annual event.

So thanks guys, for being their for me and my lot. Your support has meant alot to us.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Calling all racers

Hi Guys, sorry to be a pest, it just seems to happen. I was wondering if you could get your application forms in for me, so we can see who is coming to race. payment on night is still fine, just want some idea's on the line up.

Many thanks xx

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Sponsorship forms

Hi Guys, could you let me know who has managed to get a form and some sponsored. Alan is getting nervous lol, so im getting more excited lol.