Friday, 26 November 2010

Livvy's Smile supports Rett Syndrome Research Trust UK

Livvy's Smile was formed to create smiles and special memories for disabled children in Livvy’s memory, her gift to others.

Thanks to an amazing newly formed charity we are now able to do something extra we know Livvy would be so proud of.
Rett Syndrome Research Trust UK is a charity which funds research into the cure for Rett Syndrome. Imagine not just being able to create special memories but actually being able to give more time for the creation of them. There is real hope for the treatment and even the cure from this devastating condition.

While our main focus is going to stay with creating smiles we at Livvy’s smile will be backing and supporting Rett Syndrome Research Trust UK in any way we can.
As Livvy's parents we feel if we can stop any other parents feeling our pain our devastation our loss, we will do all we can with all our heart. If we can see one girl cured Livvy would be so proud.

Livvy showed us the meaning of courage strength and love, let these be the qualities that takes Livvy's Smile forward.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Thank you Specsavers Brownhills

Livvy's Smile wants to give a big thank you to the Brownhills Specsavers store. To celebrate their 2nd birthday the store has had a fun week of fundraising and they chosen charity was guess,of course Livvy's Smile.

Thank you all, you are pretty amazing.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Guest Post

Please go check out my friends blog as she has let me hijack it to raise awareness for Rett Syndrome

Thanks again to Hayley for allowing me to do this. xxxxx

Friday, 8 October 2010

Livvy's Christmas Party

OK guys save the date.

Join us at the Livvy's Smile Christmas Party

18th December 11am - 3pm

EST Donkey Sanctuary, Sutton Park, Sutton, Birmingham

Join us for a fun filled day, with loads of activities planned. We are hoping for a circus workshop, face painting, we have a disco booked. Arranging a bouncy castle and one of the best bits is that we have the use of the EST grotto, this is always magical. Also is we have a grotto of course we will be having a special visitor joining us.

If you are a family with a child with disabilities  come join us for a day for creating memories.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Chrismas Ideas

It's getting close, the time of year of laughter, cheer and season wishes. Yet it also brings stress and chaos. Christmas woo hoo.

Anyway here at Livvy's Smile we are in the planning stages for our Christmas event. We have a few ideas but first we decided to ask others what they would like us to arrange.

A fun filled day out, a party, where, when please let us know your ideas xxxx

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Update, our first year

So guys as our first year as a charity comes to an end I can say I. How proud I am of what we have achieved. Our desire was to raise smiles and I can safety say we have done that. Just take a look at the photos on the website.
Last year we had the donkey party, the clown who visited the special needs school, the Christmas party. We have also been sending balloons to children who are poorly in hospital. Being in hospital is so hard, if one of our balloons but a smile on a child's face well then mission accomplished. Not too bad for a first years work.
Christmas saw us host Livvy's Christmas party at a great centre called kidz 3 play in Cannock. I have to say the staff were amazing. The website will be updated soon with pictures. It was wonderful to see so many kids and parents have fun and just enjoy the moment. How precious those memories can be
I know my memories are keeping me going. I do work hard at this charity in Livvy's name but nothing takes away the deep ache inside me. I miss her so much. I know she wouldn't wish for me to be unhappy but sometimes it’s just so hard.
It’s been quiet on the fundraising side of things since our last karaoke. This is ok a new year and new ideas coming together.
Anyway, I’m after new ideas, for fundraising and for events we can plan for the children. 2009 was a great start and I’m sure Livvy is very proud, but let’s take 2010 to a different level. Let’s create more smiles, more memories. More happy children.
Thank you for all your support it has meant so much to Alan and I. Hope to catch up with you all soon.

Sara xx