Sunday, 19 August 2012

Livvy's Tea Tent

One of the things we at Livvy's Smile decided we were going to support this year was the Special Kids in the UK annual camp. We decided that a charity that supports parents and families with children with special needs was certainly something we wanted to encourage.

This charity is also special to use as it holds many memories of Livvy camping and generally causing the chaos she was well known for.

So this year there was a new addition to the camp site Livvy's Tea Tent  a place for parents to grab a nice warm drink and have a natter.

It seemed really apt that we were the sponsors of the tea tent as Livvy was well known for pinching campers food, especially certain chocolate biscuits.

It was wonderful for us as a family to see Livvy's name on the tea tent, knowing that she would have loved the concept made it all so special.

Also the lovely comments and thanks Livvy received from grateful members enjoying their hot chocolate.

This was such a success that next year we will be sponsoring the tea tent again and will also be holding afternoon tea. A change for families to see chat, engage and enjoy a cream cake a cuppa. What more could you ask for.