Sunday, 8 March 2009

Its been 4 months

I cant believe its been four months since Livvy George passed away. Time does fly even when you aren't having fun. Each day the pain is there, some days i must admit is worse that others, but it still hurts. I do wonder sometimes, OK alot of times why? I know people die, but why my baby? No one has the answers. Ok we have the medical information but that doesn't explain why she had to catch the virus? Why why why?

This charity is keeping sane, the joy it gives me with the hope that when we raise enough money we can make smiles happen on the face of disabled children. I am overwhelmed by the response and support we have received of many people. My gratitude is endless. Please keep it up.

We have many ideas of fun things to arrange, we think our first event will be a fun day at the donkeys. A open day with food, fun and donkeys of course. I must admit I'm hoping to arrange it around May 5Th for obvious reasons, its a nice way to celebrate Livvy's birthday. I'm hoping it may be a annual event.

So thanks guys, for being their for me and my lot. Your support has meant alot to us.

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