Sunday, 5 April 2009

£866 what an amazing amount !!!!!!!

Well the title says it all. It was an exhausting but an exciting afternoon/evening. It was the first time i had ever been to watch Alan race and all i can say is that i now understand why is car comes home smashed quite often. You wont turn me into a RC car fan, but the racers and their families i love.

The generosity of them overwhelmed me, we had 78 racers in all, a great number. Many thanks to them all. Thanks to Tamworth Racing Club for arranging the use of the room, organising the races and lots more, also to the wonderful women who made numerous cakes, biscuits and cups of teas. The urn was filled many times.

The raffle was a great success to, many thanks to JE Spares,Stafford Models,Mirage,Schumacher,Muchmore and CML. The prizes were amazing.We made a great amount from it.

A big thanks has to go to our good friend Andrew Bird, who has spearheaded this event from the start. I think we can safely say the event success was down to you. Thank you from our heart.

For those of you who went home with trophies(very nice trophies thanks to John White Trophies) enjoy and for those that didn't, maybe next year.

Again all i can say is thank you, the money you raised will go to Livvy's Smile and be used to arrange fun events for disabled children.

I know that Livvy would have loved this event and I'm sure she was laughing at the spills,kills and broken cars with us all.

So until the next time ............................

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