Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Update, our first year

So guys as our first year as a charity comes to an end I can say I. How proud I am of what we have achieved. Our desire was to raise smiles and I can safety say we have done that. Just take a look at the photos on the website.
Last year we had the donkey party, the clown who visited the special needs school, the Christmas party. We have also been sending balloons to children who are poorly in hospital. Being in hospital is so hard, if one of our balloons but a smile on a child's face well then mission accomplished. Not too bad for a first years work.
Christmas saw us host Livvy's Christmas party at a great centre called kidz 3 play in Cannock. I have to say the staff were amazing. The website will be updated soon with pictures. It was wonderful to see so many kids and parents have fun and just enjoy the moment. How precious those memories can be
I know my memories are keeping me going. I do work hard at this charity in Livvy's name but nothing takes away the deep ache inside me. I miss her so much. I know she wouldn't wish for me to be unhappy but sometimes it’s just so hard.
It’s been quiet on the fundraising side of things since our last karaoke. This is ok a new year and new ideas coming together.
Anyway, I’m after new ideas, for fundraising and for events we can plan for the children. 2009 was a great start and I’m sure Livvy is very proud, but let’s take 2010 to a different level. Let’s create more smiles, more memories. More happy children.
Thank you for all your support it has meant so much to Alan and I. Hope to catch up with you all soon.

Sara xx


  1. Congratulations on your first year here's to many more!!

  2. well done sara! we had a lovely time at the christmas party. I will put me thinking cap on now..

  3. What a wonderful thing you are doing. Huge kudos to you!!!