Friday, 26 November 2010

Livvy's Smile supports Rett Syndrome Research Trust UK

Livvy's Smile was formed to create smiles and special memories for disabled children in Livvy’s memory, her gift to others.

Thanks to an amazing newly formed charity we are now able to do something extra we know Livvy would be so proud of.
Rett Syndrome Research Trust UK is a charity which funds research into the cure for Rett Syndrome. Imagine not just being able to create special memories but actually being able to give more time for the creation of them. There is real hope for the treatment and even the cure from this devastating condition.

While our main focus is going to stay with creating smiles we at Livvy’s smile will be backing and supporting Rett Syndrome Research Trust UK in any way we can.
As Livvy's parents we feel if we can stop any other parents feeling our pain our devastation our loss, we will do all we can with all our heart. If we can see one girl cured Livvy would be so proud.

Livvy showed us the meaning of courage strength and love, let these be the qualities that takes Livvy's Smile forward.

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