Monday, 23 February 2009

Dates for your diary

March 21st, Sponsored Chest wax. Help us gain sponsors to watch Alan suffer under the hands of the beautician as she gives him a chest wax. Alan is either very brave or very stupid as he offered to undertake this to raise funds for Livvy's Smile. In fact he is just a loving father who wishes to do the most possible in his daughter's memory. Sponsors forms are available from the website, or let me know if you need some posted out, i can do that asap.

April 4Th, Livvy's Smile RC Tournament. RC Racers from all over are coming together in Tamworth to race for Livvy's Smile. We have had a great response to this, some fantastic and talented racers are joining us, so the competition should be fierce but fun. We have also thanks to the efforts of Mr Andy Bird, got our hands on some really fantastic raffle prizes, from some top sponsors. I have to admit that my knowledge of this sport is limited, but i am very excited at the prospect of this event as it looks like a lot of fun. If you require any more details check out the website or email me. There are going to be 5 classes racing, so an race for all.

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