Saturday, 21 February 2009

Let us Begin!!!

I have decided to start a blog for the charity we have started named Livvy's Smile. For those of you who knew our daughter Livvy the name will have its meaning easily. But for those who don't i would like to tell you a little about our angel.

Olivia Georgia Meredith, came into this world on the 5Th of may 1999. She came in a rush surprising the midwife who had only 10 minutes before told me that i had a long way to go. One lucky catch after we were the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. Weighing 7lbs 70z, born at 7 minutes to 7. Strange i know.

To try and fit Livvy's life into a paragraph would be impossible as well as an injustice. She was an amazing child who suffered alot but always did it will smiles and a happy demeanour.

When Livvy was about 2 years old she begin to change, but it wasn't until she was 4 years old that we knew why. Livvy had a devastating condition called Rett Syndrome. This is an awful syndrome. This condition left Livvy severely disabled, but this was to be only her body as her spirit was as strong as ever.

One thing we learned from Livvy was that everyday mattered, she took everyday and did her best to live it to the full. OK we had some bad days, some very bad days. But we also have some wonderful and amazing memories.

Livvy passed away on the 7Th November 2008, it was one infection to many for Livvy's weakened body. The shock of losing her is still extremely raw, but we know that we have to live our lives to the full just like she showed us. It was because of Livvy's spirit that we knew we had to do something in her memory, something that would remind us of her and her strength.

So here we are, Livvy's Smile has been created, the hope of this charity, is to raise funds to bring smile's to the faces of disabled children. Each day these children have to face so much, just like Livvy did. If by us raising money we can bring some laughter into their lives, we know we would be doing Livvy proud. Help us created some memories.

LETS GO !!!!!!

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